Our Services

Is beneficial for people struggling with mental health issues that range from anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions. 

Individual Therapy



Is a specialized therapy that addresses cultural and diversity concerns with marginalized groups and minority populations. 

Trauma Therapy

Helps individuals heal from the emotional pain that resulted from a traumatic event, situation, or incident.  

Life Transitions

It can be difficult to develop a new routine after a significant life change. Whether life transitions are planned or not, adjustment can create a range of emotions that cause individuals to feel lost and

lack balance in their lives.  

Grief Counseling

Experiencing grief, loss, and bereavement are inevitable in life. Therapy helps individuals process their loss while attending to a

range of difficult emotions.  



We seek connections through the relationships in our lives. When these relationships become strained or unhealthy, we are more likely to experience emotional discomfort and dissatisfaction. 


Is the practice of psychotherapy services using a HIPPA compliant digital platform that allows the client and therapist to communicate in a secure, encrypted, and real-time fashion using audio-video conferencing.